Workshops and Meditation Groups

This is a list of current workshops that are available with Rachelle.


$150 Certification Usui Reiki

Retake $75 – if taken with Rachelle

  • Receive a manual by William Rand
  • Learn the History of Usui Reiki
  • Receive a level One attunement – enjoy the lasting healing effects of the first initiation to Reiki
  • The ability to channel Reiki healing energy  can only be passed from master to student.
  • Learn how to give a treatment and receive one in the class. Learn self treatments.
  • A full day of personal growth and healing.


$225 Certification Usui Reiki (pre req Usui Reiki 1)

Retake $100 – if taken with Rachelle

  • Receive Level 2 attunement – A very powerful advancement in your healing abilities.
  • Learn 3 Sacred healing symbols: Power up, Emotional, Distance
  • Practice and receive reiki
  • Learn a technique for manifesting what you want in your life.
  • A full day of personal growth and healing

REIKI 3 Advanced Reiki Training (Master)

$350- Certification (pre req Usui Reiki 2)

Retake $175 If taken with Rachelle

  • In this class Become attuned to Advanced Reiki
  • Learn the Master Symbol
  • Learn how to build and use a crystal healing grid
  • Learn a powerful technique ” Aura Clearing “
  • Learn a moving meditation to enhance your Reiki abilities and own personal healing.

REIKI Master Teacher Training –

$350 Certification (Pre Req Reiki Master )

  • For those who want to teach Reiki
  • Receive the ability to pass Reiki on to students
  • A full Day learning how to initiate students to Reiki
  • Learn Ethics of Reiki
  • Learn how to give a healing attunement distance or in person

Karuna Reiki – Pre Req (Reiki Master/Advanced Reiki)

You do not need to be a Master Teacher for this class

  • A beautiful extension of Reiki developed by William Rand along with other Master Healers Learn 12 symbols to be used for specific purposes. example… co-dependency, addictions, child abuse etc. Works with a higher vibration of healing using illuminated beings archangels and ascended masters
  • Taught in 3 levels 1 & 2 can be combined
  • Level # 3 is Master Teacher Level

REIKI Enhancements

  • Rachelle developed this class to support her students from many years of experience.
  • There are several simple techniques that can help a practitioner work with clients.
  • Opening/closing spiral, clearing chakras using a pendulum,Takada treatment and many more.

IET – Integrated Energy Therapy

“Steven Thayer” – Learn to heal using the energy of Angels – 3 LEVELS

Basic Level — $215 (manual included)  Retake $75

  • Attunement realigns first 2 pair of your spiritual DNA brings physical and emotional healing to the practitioner
  • Learn cellular memory map  and integration points
  • Learn to be an energy intuitive
  • Give and receive a treatment
  • Learn 5min empowerment session and self treatment

Intermediate Level — $250 (manual included)  Retake $75

  • Attunement realigns 3rd and 4th pairs of spiritual DNA helping to clear karma
  • Learn out the pull out and release technique
  • Study the different layers of the human energy field

Advanced Level  $250 (manual included)  Retake $75

  • This attunement aligns you with your 5th and 6th pairs of spiritual DNA aligns you with your” Souls life purpose”
  • Learn treatments to clear resistence when feeling stuck
  • Learn Heartnet process for manifesting your Hearts desires etc… Give and receive a treatment
  • Rachelle uses Quartz crystal singing bowls in her meditation groups to help raise the vibration of healing through sound

9 Healing Angels Meditation Group

$15 Ongoing

  • Weekly meditation
  • We work with a different angel each week. If you complete all 9 receive a certificate and a book by Steven Thayer
  • Ariel. Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah and Micheal.
  • This group is focused on personal growth learn how to heartlink with the angels learn to ask them for help and each angels healing gifts.
  • These tools are meant to use on a daily basis.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Meditating with the Angels class with Rachelle. These last few months I have learned so much about the Angels and what they are able to do to make a difference in my life. I wish I would have know about the class while going through my divorce last year as it would have made the transition so much easier and less stressful. Rachelle conducts the class in a fun way and her excitement bubbles over to those of us in her class. She has such a calming effect – such a gentle calming voice as she guides us through each meditation leading us to beautiful and higher places in life. Thank you for this class and for Rachelle. I’ve told so many people.

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