Reflexology for the Entire Family

Spring is usually the time of the year when people begin to look at their diets and try to eat healthy, and get outside to exercise.

The warmer weather and longer days bring motivation to feel better and take better care of ourselves. Sometimes taking a different approach to the way we do this can bring new possibilities.

Reflexology is one way of doing this. Reflexology is an ancient art in which the feet mirror the entire body, mapping each area including vital organs, eyes, nose, spine—even the endocrine system. For example, the tips of your toes match the top of your head and your heels match the base of your spine.

A reflexologist can tell a lot about you by noticing areas of sensitivity in your feet. There are thousands of nerve endings stemming from every part of the body and ending at the soles of the feet. Methodically applying gentle pressure to reflex points in the hands and feet improves overall circulation and blood flow which results in pain reduction, relaxation, increased energy levels, and better health.

Most health problems today are caused by stress or disease, which is the body’s inability to handle everyday pressures of life. Families today are plagued with stress and children often bear much of it. In an effort to live a balanced life, children are rushed from school to child care to sports to dinner, then homework, baths, bed, and then up to do it all over again the next day. Reflexology can calm overstressed small children as well as help overly-stimulated, highly sensitive children. Adding pressure to all the nerve endings helps to ground the entire nervous system. Children love reflexology and you cannot blame them.

A properly trained reflexologist can help relieve symptoms of many ailments including allergies, ADD, ADHD, diabetes, depression, IBS, fibromyalgia, and so on. Trained reflexologists realize that it takes time for a physical issue to manifest itself, and therefore it may take time for the body to heal itself using reflexology. Reflexology is non-invasive therapy only your hands and feet need be exposed. It is very relaxing and great for anyone at any age.

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