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Learning With Brain Gym

When my six year old son was having difficulty focusing in school, I approached his pediatrician for advice. It was suggested that prescription medication could help him with his focusing issues. I believed there had to be way to help him to be “the best he could be” without the use of prescription drugs. After

Reflexology for the Entire Family

Spring is usually the time of the year when people begin to look at their diets and try to eat healthy, and get outside to exercise. The warmer weather and longer days bring motivation to feel better and take better care of ourselves. Sometimes taking a different approach to the way we do this can

Survival Tips for Allergy Season

The long awaited springtime is now upon us, bringing with it longer days and warmer weather. Spring is the time of new beginnings and the end of the darkness of winter. Now is when we plant seeds for a hopeful future. Flowers beginning to bloom and trees begin to bud, uplifting our spirits and giving

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