IET Integrated Energy Therapy

IETlogofinalsmallIET (Integrated Energy Therapy) is the next level of healing beyond Reiki “gets the issues from your tissues for good .“
This was channeled  by Stevan Thayer in 1994.

IET releases the emotional blockages in the body which cause disease but you do not need to feel it to heal it.

Using the IET approach emotions are released in cellular integration areas and replaced by positive emotions.

Much like a river with beaver dams when we are born our energy bodies are clear rivers of energy. As we have experiences some may cause blockages which prevent us from living our lives with ease. IET will help clear these blockages.

During A typical IET treatment the client is fully clothed lies on a comfortable massage table in a serene setting. A session usually lasts 60 min.

Going through personal difficulties led me to Rachelle. Little did I know that my life and my attitude would completely change for the better once becoming tuned into our Angels. I now believe that if someone has not learned how to have an open heart and heartlink that we are somewhat naïve as to why we are on this earth. With Rachelle’s guidance, this profound experience taught me how to meditate and connect with our Angels, and then amazingly apply this knowledge to help ourselves and others. Rachelle is an earth Angel, here to help you and me…

— Karen

To learn more about IET and Stevan Thayer, please click this link.

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